12 Gauge Mega Flash Blank

12 Gauge Mega Flash Blank

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  • Non-lethal, non-projectile 12 gauge blank cartridge
  • Designed for hazing and deterring large animals
  • Produces a 110 dB blast and visible muzzle flash
  • First step in progressive deterrents using 12 gauge platform
  • Available in 12 Gauge, 2 ¾” shell
  • Sold in sets of 10 and 25 rounds

  • 12 Gauge Mega Flash Blank designed to deter problem wildlife
  • Emits an intense combination of 110 dB sound and visible muzzle flash
  • Suitable for deterring bears, elk, deer, and other large mammals
  • Ideal for wildlife control officers and park staff
  • Non-lethal ammunition with no projectile
  • Effective first step in deterring curious or aggressive animals
  • Important note: Never aim at wildlife
  • Part of a progressive deterrent strategy on the 12 gauge platform
  • Can be followed by additional non-lethal shells, including Rubber Slugs
  • Valuable tool for professional wildlife managers

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