30' Orange Reflective 1100 Lbs Paracord set

30' Orange Reflective 1100 Lbs Paracord set

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  • Multi-purpose adventure essential suitable for various uses:
    • Carrying or hanging gear.
    • Suspending food off the ground.
    • Tying down and securing gear.
    • Magnet fishing.
    • Handling roadside emergencies and more.
  • Features:
    • 30Ft Reflective Paracord.
    • Impressive breaking point of 1100LB.
    • Cord thickness: 13/64".
    • Knotted ends for added durability.
    • Comprises 14 nylon strands.
    • Includes 3 tie-down ropes.
    • Equipped with 2 galvanized carabiners:
      • Carabiners have a breaking point of 1760 LBS.
      • Working load for carabiners: 440LBS (Not for climbing).
    • Paracord comes in a vibrant orange color.

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