6 mm Victory Blanks - 100 Count

6 mm Victory Blanks - 100 Count

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  • Blank Cartridge Specifications:

    • Type: 6mm Victory Blanks
    • Purpose: Ignite and propel pyrotechnic scare cartridges like bangers and screamers from launchers
    • Compatibility: Suitable for all 15mm cartridges and Margo Launchers requiring 6mm blanks (except Margo Thunderstick)
  • Essential Component:

    • Blanks are necessary for the proper functioning of any launcher and cartridge system.
  • Compatibility Assurance:

    • Verify compatibility with your launcher by checking the "Compatible Launcher" section in the listing.
  • Quantity:

    • Each tin contains 100 cartridges.
  • Reliable and Clean:

    • These blanks are dependable and produce a clean ignition.
  • Economical Choice:

    • Cost-effective starter blanks for 15mm pyrotechnic scare cartridges.

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