Wood Burning Pen
Wood Burning Pen
Wood Burning Pen
Wood Burning Pen

Wood Burning Pen

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  • Wood Burning Pen Set (8 PC.) is versatile and suitable for various applications, including arts and crafts, cabinet and furniture making, electronics repair, foam and plastic cutting, sign making, woodwork, cork and leather work, and more.
  • It enables various techniques like curves, dots, lines, writing, shading, and texturing.
  • A multipurpose tool suitable for handymen, hobbyists, and woodworkers.


  1. Includes 6 Interchangeable Tips:
    • 2 Brass woodburning tips
    • 2 Steel soldering tips
    • 1 Steel chiseled tip
    • 1 Hot razor blade and 1 chuck for the hot blade
  2. Offers multi-functional capabilities, including burning, soldering, chiseling, melting, and cutting.
  3. Operates at 25 Watts, 110V-120V, and 60Hz.
  4. Equipped with a long electrical cord for flexibility in movement.
  5. Features a convenient stand for secure placement.
  6. UL listed for safety and quality.
  7. Pen length: 7-3/4 inches

Directions for use:

  1. Choose the desired tip and attach it to the pen.
  2. Set the pen on the stand.
  3. Plug in the cord and wait 1-2 minutes for it to heat up.

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