ABS Mich 2000 Replica Tactical Helmet - Black

ABS Mich 2000 Replica Tactical Helmet - Black

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  • ABS MICH-2000 Replica Tactical Helmet is designed for various applications such as airsoft players, costumes, parades, and more, offering a lightweight and comfortable design.

  • Features:

    • Military-style helmet made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic for impact resistance and durability.
    • Modular Integrated Communications Helmet replica with seven removable cushion pads for maximum comfort.
    • The interior of the airsoft helmet is equipped with multiple hook fields for attaching pads.
    • Adjustable nylon chin strap on the tactical helmet ensures a perfect fit.
    • Designed for adults and accommodates head sizes from 6 ¾ inches to 7 ¾ inches.
    • Note that this non-bulletproof helmet does not provide ballistic protection but is ideal for airsoft players, costumes, parades, reenactments, and more.
    • Modeled after the MICH Helmet used by the U.S. Military.

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