Honshu Boshin Midnight Forge Wakizashi Sword

Honshu Boshin Midnight Forge Wakizashi Sword

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  • Midnight Forge Boshin Wakizashi:

    • Part of the Honshu special edition series
    • Modern and sleek design with tactical engineering
    • Perfect blade-to-hilt balancing
  • Blade Features:

    • 22 1/2” black 1060 high carbon steel blade
    • Unrivaled sharpness and strength
  • Contemporary Style:

    • Trades traditional elements for a modern look
  • Handle:

    • Textured TPR handle for a secure, no-slip grip
    • Oversized grey tini-finished steel pommel
  • Guard Design:

    • Practical pointed ellipse guard design, avoiding ornate ornamentation
  • Scabbard:

    • Wooden scabbard with semi-gloss black finish
    • Features black faux leather wrapping and cotton cord
  • Overall Experience:

    • Wielding the Honshu Boshin Midnight Forge Wakizashi offers a Zen-like experience, best understood through personal use

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